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Spring fishing

April is coming to a close. Per usual the fishing was pretty good. The fishing Is different this time of year than it is when the water warms up. I’ve noticed over the years that these things can be really bunched up when the water is cold. We can be catching absolutely nothing, move 200 yards and have a wide open bite. it makes for inconsistent days but more often than not the numbers are really good by The end of the day. The fish just come in spurts.

As we transition into May we are getting back into more of what we are used to. I personally haven’t been doing a ton of April bottom fishing over the past few years. It is a difficult task to have a boat ready and painted up for April with the weather we experience during a typical March. We have always been ready for May. The fish should be moving into some of my favorite areas over the next few weeks. While I was in Key West a couple weeks ago the bite was slow for the guys who were fishing. This past week we got back into a decent body of fish and should be dialed right in here going forward. I have a lot of availability during the week. Right now I’m going to try to get out on a public 10 hour every Friday this month. I also can do a private charter on short notice during the week right up until the first week of June. Get in touch with us if you want to get out, we’d love to take fishing and show you what we are all about.

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